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Join Us As a School

Accomplishing great things together!

At Accomplish MAT we strive to achieve excellence in our education provision – which is a feature of our schools and something we seek to accomplish in everything we do.

If you share with us the highest possible ambition for your pupil’s success, a desire to raise achievement for all and the will to ensure your pupils exceed what is expected of them in all aspects of their education – please feel free to get in contact.

Why Join Us?

  • To become part of an exciting journey where pupils lie at the heart of everything you and the Accomplish MAT do
  • To help further ensure that your pupils receive the highest possible quality education
  • To help ensure your teachers have the opportunity to develop their careers in different settings and that they can benefit from the Trust’s outstanding policies for staff
  • To benefit from the fact that we have lots of experienced and highly trained staff on hand to manage the auditing process and ensure that the new academy achieves a clean bill of health.

Ultimately we very much want to work in partnership with other schools/organisations and develop an even larger network of high-performing schools that work together in meaningful collaboration, and which respond to change, opportunities and also challenges, so that all our children, staff and communities accomplish great things.

Like to find out more about working in partnership or joining our Trust?

Register an interest by emailing our Trust Leader, Tracy Swinburne at with your details and we’ll be in touch.

Why Join a Schools Trust