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Our Visions & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate, empower and inspire generations of children through a network of outstanding schools that are recognised at a local, regional and national level as being the absolute benchmark in teaching and learning & for providing the best quality, creative & holistic education for all.

Our Principles

Accomplish is characterised by its passionate and unrelenting drive to ensure that every one of its children, irrespective of their starting point makes extraordinary progress in all areas, achieves exceptional standards and realises their huge potential within schools where best practice is commonplace. We strongly believe that EVERY child can accomplish excellence and that it is our role to celebrate their uniqueness & empower them to achieve their very best.

Our Values

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We empower each other to work hard and accomplish greatness.

  • Commitment to striving to be the very best we can all be in all that we do. Excellence is our aim for all.
  • A relentless commitment to empower teamwork & collaboration.
  • Empowering high achievement & celebrating excellence in everything we do.
  • Accountability, creativity & entrepreneurial spirit developed in all.
  • Building partnerships in our region and across the country in order to empower each other.

We celebrate uniqueness.

  • Motivate & promote children & adults unique qualities.
  • Equity, diversity & inclusion are central to ensure we are fair, enact ethical leadership & remove barriers for all.
  • Attracting high quality diverse talent to work with our children.
  • Celebrating schools unique identities in our communities.
  • Championing our childrens unique identities so that they will be confident, able to express themselves eloquently and importantly, have the ability to innovate.
  • Children & adults will be self-disciplined, resilient and creative, with the agency to offer their uniqueness to the trust and their school.

We care deeply about each other

  • We care deeply about having the highest expectations of our children and staff, we value teaching and learning at the highest and will have a flexible, positive approach.
  • We are as passionate about our staff, as we are about our children.
  • We care deeply about collaboration & partnership working as this creates agency for everyone to accomplish great things.
  • We care about the quality of our CPD offer for all.
  • We care about valuing and celebrating the distinctiveness of our individual communities.
  • We care about keeping our children & staff emotionally, physically & mentally safe.

The Trust is committed to developing the whole child so that they know what they care about in life and what drives them so that they are prepared for now and their future and know how they can contribute to making society a better place.

The Trust will do this by offering them a first-class education within each individual academy, and by offering outstanding enrichment opportunities which will offer them unique experiences and see them stand apart from others.

As a trust we are passionate about:

Empowering our children

We passionately believe that all children and young people, however challenging their circumstances and whatever their background, can achieve & accomplish great things. Our children will practise the values of respecting uniqueness, empowerment of themselves and others and caring deeply about their own learning and others. We will encourage our children to be the very best they can be. They will be given the power, responsibility and chance to control their lives and their learning by acquiring the knowledge, skills, qualities and attributes necessary to succeed in life in the 21st century.

Empowering our staff

We are as passionate about our staff, as we are about our students. We want to employ and create outstanding teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff, who genuinely aspire to excellence, are truly excited by challenge, love to take risks, and have a passion to co-develop and co-construct best practice with their children and fellow practitioners. We believe that every staff member has the right to be outstanding, and we need to invest in our workforce and to give them more responsibility for their professional development and more time and flexibility for them to affect this. We want our staff to feel empowered to accomplish great things.

Empowering our communities

We believe that collectively we can achieve anything. We are strong advocates of collectively driving with ambition & innovation to accomplish excellence for all. We know that working within our local communities, we not only celebrate them but also pull on their experiences and support to ensure our communities get even stronger for the benefit of all. We want our communities to feel proud of their accomplishments.

Celebrating the uniqueness of our children

We believe a quality education is all about valuing the individual contributions of our children. We passionately believe that a childs voice has to be heard and as such we will advocate strong pupil voice leadership across all our schools. Every child has unique talents and qualities and it is our role to find them and develop them. Our quest is to enable every individual child to accomplish great things.

Caring about accomplishing the best outcomes for all

We believe that all of our children deserve a fantastic, knowledge-rich curriculum. Our aim is to support all our schools in ensuring we deliver on this. Our passionate belief is that children deserve a holistic curriculum which delivers all subjects to the highest quality, as well as a curriculum rich in the creative arts and sport. We will ensure that our children are offered opportunities which will ensure our children receive a full, holistic curriculum and enrichment opportunities for all. We have high expectations for everyone because we know that with this, we will all achieve the greatest accomplishments right across the curriculum.

Caring about career development

  • We are passionate about the highest quality CPD.
  • We will ensure staff are allocated an expert leader, who will advise on, guide staff in their role, and shape professional development around skills knowledge and behaviours.
  • We will invest annually in the professional development of all staff.
  • We will offer staff greater responsibility for professional development by allowing them to determine how best to use CPD investment and routes towards relevant qualifications.
  • We will encourage and provide opportunities for staff to engage in collaborative working Action Research and Joint Practice Development across the Trust.
  • We will ensure staff have great resources, and that expertise and best practice is freely shared across the trust.
  • We will maximise potential, offering opportunities for career progression across the Trust.

Caring about well-being

  • We will work with schools to ensure that staff mental health and well-being are part of wider staff development initiatives.
  • We will provide an external service to support with staff physical and mental health.
  • We will consider flexible working for staff who are parents and carers.

Caring about our unique communities

Our schools have an important role to play in the communities that they serve and it is very important to us that the local community feel supported and valued by the Trust, regardless of whether they have any direct involvement with the school. As an organisation, we will act responsibly and in their best interests, ensuring that we actively engage with all sections of the community.

Our staff and the children will help us to make a positive contribution to these communities through collaboration with other local organisations and businesses, and we expect our staff to seek out and value these partnerships, providing opportunities that extend our student experiences and learning.

Our promise:

Through empowerment, celebrating uniqueness and caring for all we will:

  • Ensure our children receive a high quality, holistic education which provides the very best curriculum for all
  • Support schools to reach the highest standards across the whole curriculum
  • Empower leaders through aligned autonomy
  • Put relationships at the heart of everything we do
  • Provide excellent CPD informed by evidence-based research
  • Attract high quality talent by being an employee of choice
  • Implement a robust school improvement strategy
  • Implement vigorous, systematic and organised centralised systems & high-quality back-office support so that time is freed for continuous school improvement
  • Conduct stringent and rigorous financial oversight and achieve value for money
  • Provide a path of career progression in order to develop the talent within our trust
  • Ensure there are clear support systems and networks in place so that Accomplish MAT is a positive and happy place to work
  • To enable leadership and governance to adopt a cohesive, collaborative approach to strategic developments by providing oversight and guidance for each Academy through the tiered structure of governance.